ArkansasGives Day

ArkansasGives Day


ktzbnedfeaqo9nek3wdeOn April 7, 2016  from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Arkansas Community Foundation will again host Arkansas Gives, a day of giving, to invite supporters of Arkansas nonprofits to contribute to their favorite charities.

What is Arkansas Gives?

ArkansasGives is a one-day giving event,  sponsored by the Arkansas Community Foundation and the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance. The event encourages contributors from Arkansas and from the whole country to donate to Opera in the Ozarks at IPFAC on that one single day!   Last year, Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point drew in a large number of contributions.

Arkansas Nonprofit organizations must meet two simple eligibility requirements to participate: being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and membership in the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance. Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point qualifies!

We encourage every member in our organizations to contribute and invite their friends and neighbors to join in supporting Opera in the Ozarks on that one special day.  There is only a 12 hour window to give!

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How does the Giving Day work?

Across the U.S., communities are coming together to host Giving Days – individual day-long giving competitions that challenge interested persons to give to their favorite nonprofit. Dozens of communities in other states, have raised more than $1 million in a single day to benefit hundreds of local charities! ArkansasGives is based on this model, proven to be successful in many other areas.

How do I participate?

On Arkansas Gives Day, April 7, we invite you to visit between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm to make a donation to Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point. Simply choose from a list of the participating nonprofits, then follow the directions to donate.

ArkansasGives staff will track donations in real-time and will be able to tell which nonprofits have received the most dollars and most individual contributions at any given time. Each donation that Opera in the Ozarks receives through will help us qualify for “bonus dollars” from the Arkansas Community Foundation; the more money we raise, the more “bonus dollars” Opera in the Ozarks will receive.

Additional cash prizes will also be awarded to the nonprofits that raise the most dollars overall and to those that receive the greatest number of contributions. We may even win a prize in our individual sub-category, Arts & Humanities. The entire event will have an air of friendly competition, as nonprofits work to raise the most money and engage their donors throughout the day!