Alumni Welcome

We are excited to announce the FIRST ALUMNI WEEKEND on the July 1-3, 2016.  See two complete operas, a sampler of all three, and enjoy special alumni events!  MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW. 


To: Alumni of Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony – Opera in the Ozarks
From: Jim Swiggart, General Director Emeritus


Jim Swiggart receives the Grand Old Classic Special Event Award presented to Opera in the Ozarks at the 2010 Governor’s Conference.

Greetings to all who have spent a summer or more on Rock Candy Mountain in the beautiful Ozarks. Starting in 1950, thousands of talented young singers, musicians and production aspirants have been nurtured by caring professionals who have shared their experience and knowledge to shape our dreams and careers. I spent four wonderful summers as a student (1955-58) and have used the knowledge in my musical career and have followed the careers of so many who have attained the highest levels in opera, orchestra, conducting, directing and producing as well as many who have followed careers in education at all levels.

We have so much to be grateful for when we stop to analyze what made a difference in our musical lives. I was privileged to serve as General Director for 25 years and am very excited about our future. Hopefully, we all realize how important networking can be in our success and sharing our experience at the POINT can lead to many great memories and connecting with others who share our experience and heritage. You will want to monitor our website and give us your thoughts on how we can help you and how you may share your experience.

Opera in the Ozarks alumni have sung on the world’s most celebrated stages. They include:

and many others…
Leona MitchellLatonia MooreCarroll Freeman
Mark DelavanJennifer ZetlanMeredith Mizell
Louis OteyStephen DicksonBrian Montgomery
Cyndia SiedenTom FoxKay Paschal
Chris MerrittBeverly HochRandolphe Locke
Hei-Kyung HongRay JacobsGwendolyn Jones
Marquita ListerPatricia JohnsonWilliam Johns
Nina HinsonAntonio NagoreRichard Vernon